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Bathing, dressing and grooming assistance
  • Drawing water in sink, basin or tub

  • Hauling or heating water, laying out supplies

  • Assistance in or out of the bub or shower

  • Sponge bathing, drying and standby assistance for safety

  • Laying out clothes, dressing and undressing assistance

Meal Preparation
  • Cooking a full meal

  • Warmin gup prepared food

  • Planning meals

  • Helping prepare meals

  • Cutting client's food for eating

Personal Hygience Assistance
  • Washing and drying hair

  • Assistance with setting, rolling or braiding hair

  • Combing or brushing hair

  • Applying nonprescription lotion to skin

  • Washing hands, face and applying makeup

  • Shaving, caring for mails, and brushing teeth

Light Housekeeping
  • Cleaning and dusting around the house

  • Cleaning dishes after eating

  • Prepare toileting supplies and equipment

Medical Reminder and Laundry Assistance
  • Reminding client to take medication at the prescribed time

  • Openning and closing a medication container

  • Pouring a predeterming quantity or liquid to be ingested

  • Returning a medication to the proper storage area

  • Assisting in reordering medication from a pharmacy

Mobility and Ambulation Assistance
  • Non-ambulatory movement from one stationary position

  • Adjusting or changing the client's position in a bed or chair

  • Assisting in rising from a sitting to a standing position

  • Assistance in positioning for use of a walking apparatus

  • Assisting with putting on and removing leg braces

  • Assisting with wheechair ambulation

  • Providing standing asistance

Accompanying client to physician
  • Walking with the client to physician

  • Accompanying client in the vehicle to his/her appointment

  • Assisting with walking or pushing wheechair

Feeding, Bed linens and Clothing assistance
  • Spoon feeding

  • Assistance with using eating and drinking utensils and adaptive devices

  • Provide standby assistance or encouragement

Supportive Home Care
  • Joyful Companionship

  • Provide general household cleaning

  • Grocery shopping and run errands

  • Laundry

  • Supervision Services

Geographical Area of Service (Counties Served)
  • La Crosse County

  • Eau Claire County

  • Monroe County

  • Jackson County

  • Trempealeau County

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